4 Week Fundamentals at Home



This program is designed to increase your performance with limited equipment. Prepping you to get to 100% before we get back into the gyms, giving you a head start, mastering the fundamentals and getting your body into an optimal state ready to build on back in the gym.

Equipment needed – Foam roller, dumbbell(s), kettlebell(s), resistance band.

**** Please read if you don’t have all the equipment listened above ****
All exercises in this program that require equipment, can be done with either a dumbbell or kettlebell, depending on what you have available. Like wise each of the relevant exercises can be done with either one or two dumbbell/kettlebells.

Duration: 4 weeks

Perform the workouts four days a week, for example:

Mon- Bi-lateral

Tue- Rotational

Wed- Rest / Active Rest (Cardio)

Thu- Uni-lateral

Fri- Functional

Sat – Rest / Active Rest (Cardio)

Sun- Rest

You also get access to our extensive:
+ SMR (Foam roll) Library
+ Static stretch Library
+ Activation Library
+ Full Body Interval Warm up routines



Access to the OP Fundamentals coaching videos, taking you through the basics so you understand what your body needs and why.