Achieve your biggest ambitions with our specialist trainer and OP Model.

Personal training that will give you GAME-CHANGING results

We deliver the highest grade training to athletes ready to take it to the next level.

Whether you are a rugby player, swimmer, golfer, or a netball player, it does not matter. Athletes that are ready to take it to the next level amateur to semi-pro or semi-pro to pro. We help you develop your fitness to make you stand out on trail & scouting days.

Do you want to be agile, have more power or recover from an injury?

Why train with Optimum Performance?

We have an integrated approach to training, use the latest scientific research and combine that with our OP model to train athletes at all levels to achieve their ambitions.

Competitive athlete & experienced trainer

Jamie has not only been there himself competitively but he’s trained athletes helping them get to the top.


Everything taken care of

Physical, nutrition & mental focus. All you need to do is put in the hard work & see the results come in.

121 fitness

It’s not just 1 hour of PT

It’s far from your standard pt sessions. You have a personal progressive program to complete by yourself as well as your pt sessions and support when you need it.

Highly qualified

Qualifications including Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutritional Advisor, MMA conditioning. I’m always looking to increase my knowledge and I always have my eye on the next course.




Optimum Performance App

Personalised Training Program (all your training is programmed for you)

Personal Nutritional Advice & Access to Plans 

Performance Tracking

1:1 Personal Training Sessions

Online Progress Video Calls

Movement & Injury Assesment

Masterclass Access

Game Changer Focus Sessions



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Athlete + 


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