About Optimum Performance

We offer sports performance and injury recovery personal training for athletes of all levels, delivered by our specialist trainer. Helping them achieve their optimum, reach their next level and do things they never thought they would.

We aim to work alongside our athletes coaches to get a full picture, this helps us build an individual training plan and develop future pros. Our unique personal training, combined with specific sports practice and coaching is a game changer for anyone wanting to step it up.

We are based in Core The Gym in Maidstone for our 121 optimum performance personal training and travel to sports clubs to deliver team training.

About Jamie Bird, CPT, CES

I love my job because there is something about seeing people succeed & being a part of it, that’s awesome & humbling. I like helping people get into the mindset of I can do anything. Everyone starts somewhere & I am here to recognise that. If you’re an athlete who wants to move & feel better at optimum performance, I’ll help you get to your next level.

My aim is to break through the status quo, not just accepting, always challenging and moving forward. With my specific skills, experience & competitive sporting background I am helping athletes succeed. I work using my OP Module of building from the ground up, to make sure there is no stage of development missed.

I love sport and have a background in competitive swimming. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to take part in American football, Jijitsu. I know what it takes to prepare, program, put the work in and focus your mind. That’s where my passion stems from and I love propelling my clients.