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So, this is one of my favourite questions because of the clarity that comes with it.

You have to be committed because I am committed to you & your success. You have to be willing to learn & develop into new training techniques that you may not be used to. Most importantly you’ve got to be ready to work & show up with 100%.

And have some fun, because if you’re not having a good time whilst doing what you love, then it’s not for you.

So when clients come to work with me, we have a chat about their goals & aspirations. From there we develop a plan of action that normally involves either a 3–6 month initial period depending on the goals & amount of training time that can be committed to.

Very often we have clients well past the initial period into 18+ months as they reach their goals in the initial period & then set their ambitions higher.

OP is like no other personal training experience. I am passionate about delivering the highest-grade sports performance training to athletes along with an expert knowledge of injury recovery & prevention you get a experience like know other.

My aim is to equip you with amazing tools & guide you through the process. Not just training you, but working with you and giving you all the knowledge, skills & experience I have.

So nutrition plans & diet plans in the UK can only be given by registered dietitians.

Trainers cant prescribe a meal plan, regardless of if they a nutritional advisor or nutritional coach qualification. This only allows them to offer advice & give you suggestions.

With Optimum Performance, you gain access to a database of 4,200 meal plans & 21 different categories of diet requirements pre-made by a registered dietician. Once you’ve picked your plan it’s synced straight to your OP app.

As a nutritional advisor myself I will be able to guide & advise you through this process.

So the standard for 99% of personal trainers out there is £xx amount per hour, whether you see them once or twice a week your in their though process for that 1-2hr per week.

This is not the way Optimum Performance works. I am all about quality over quantity & focusing fully on my athlete’s development. We offer something that is not offered by any other trainer & our packages are charged monthly rather than in ‘packs’.

Our complete packages include your 1-2 hours personal training a week, a fully personal training program delivered by our app. Nutritional advice and full support. You just have to put the hard work in.

Yes. I’m a qualified Corrective Exercise Specialist and can help you recover from an injury and stop it reoccurring.

I work on movement dysfunctions, such as imbalances or tightness, as well as continuation & development of what a physio has given you.

Once your initial treatment is completed with a physio, this where I pick up & begin to strengthen & add more depth to the previously injured body part. My knowledge gives me a high understanding of the human movement system.

You need much more than just saying “it’s a tight hamstrings & you need to stretch”

This is where online personal training is for you.

You get all the same benefits as a 1:1 in-person training, the only difference is rather than 1 hour pt sessions you get 2x progress calls per month to keep you on track & to ask any questions you may have.

Ultimately you still have the same sports performance trainer, same knowledge, same skill, same experience. All within the OP App & Zoom calls.

I train in Core The Gym in Maidstone, it’s a great environment for athletes. I also train clients online.

Sports coaches are great at what they do with all your sport-specific drills, knowledge & experience of the sports you do, experts at their craft.

When it comes to fitness & performance-based training this is where I am expert. This is where my knowledge, experience & skills of the body & training principles. Working together with you & your coaches I help develop sport performance.

I always try to use this example: Pro players have a whole support team around them like coaches, personal trainer, physio’s & nutritionists.

The OP (Optimum Performance) app is where all of your needs are taken care of.

Your Individual program with all your workouts, your nutrition plan, stats, measurements & a direct link to me all in one tidy place. What’s really slick is all the videos you receive in your program are demoed by me, so there is no confusion on different styles of training.

Gone are the days of excel paperwork programs & lots stats ect. This is a fully integrated training, really next level & of a high standard.

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