The must-do tips to improve your sports performance

sports performance training
sports performance training

Improve your sports performance

If you want to improve your sports performance, check out my 5 tips to get you to the top of your game.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Just like my hydration post explains you’ve got to hydrate, it can affect your sports performance by a significant amount, the statistics are incredible and are hard to ignore. With 3% – 5% dehydration of body mass, your performance begins to pay the price in both physical and cognitive function. Check out my hydration blog for a little more info.

2. Nutrition

Eating the correct food, you can say this sits in the same bracket as hydration. Eating the correct food is going to allow your body to function at the best of your capability. By providing the body with the correct macro and micronutrients your setting yourself up for success. Eat well, eat clean, & be lean!

3. Training

What type of training is best for sports performance? Before I even look at sports performance exercise, drills & workouts I make sure you’re doing your basics correctly. You’re an athlete, a powerhouse, so train like a powerhouse. Strength, power and metcons are your best friends, find a routine that fits for you.

4. Rest days

It goes without saying, you need rest! You can grind & hustle all day and all night but if you don’t rest you won’t be any better off, in fact maybe even worse off. High rate of fatigue over a lengthened period can lead to a high risk of injury, bad or altered movement patterns and even lower your immune system. You should rest and recover, even if your rest day is a mobility or stretch session. Just take that intensity down a little from time to time.

5. Support System

As an athlete taking it to the next level you will need a support system, whether that’s a nutritionist, massage therapist or personal trainer to go alongside your sports coach(s). By having the correct support system in place, you can go to the correct specialist in their area of expertise and together with your sports coach(s) they can help you reach to your full potential.