Our unique sports performance & injury recovery personal training is a game changer for anyone wanting to step it up.

Our Philosophy at Optimum Performance

We train athletes amateur & pro to reach their optimum performance through personal training in Maidstone.

Working alongside the athletes coach we provide elite training to get them to the top of their game. Using our OP Model, we focus on our athletes physical fitness, sensory motor skills, mindset focus, nutrition and recovery. As well as helping them recover from any past injury and strengthen to prevent future injuries.

With our unique OP Model and approach, no two clients receive the same training, everyone receives individual, bespoke programming and advice. We work closely on a one to one basis, to evaluate where the athlete is now and where they aim to be, gathering information, tests and stats to build their program.

We work with athlete’s on their fitness, nutrition and injuries. Areas that may be missed in sport specific training.


We believe in training hard and training smart, using our proven model.

From our experience working with athletes, we have developed the OP personal training model. Working through each of these training stages allows our athletes to receive a fully rounded program so that no aspect is left under trained.

Sensory Training

Sensory Motor Training

We focus on SAQ, balance and proprioception exercises and drills. So you will be faster, agile and have a six sense to your surroundings.

Personal Training maidstone

Physical Fitness

Working on strength, power and conditioning, you will be a powerhouse of an athlete ready to explode and give every movement 100%.

nutrition advice sports


Your nutrition is key, as food is your fuel. We make sure your getting what you need and give advice so  you can reach your peak.

sports mindset

Mindset Focusing

This is a process, it’s passive & will come from you mostly. You will become more confident and trust in your ability go get focused and get the task done.

rest and recovery sports training

Rest & Recovery

We program in rest and recovery sessions, looking at mobility and stretching. It’s important so that you will never burnout due to overtraining. You’ll be supple, mobile and always feel ready.

sports injury and recovery

Injury Recovery & Prevention

We take great care in not neglecting old or current injuries by using the corrective exercise continuum. Giving you a strong body that is focused on prevention before recovery.

Jamie Bird Personal Trainer Maidstone

About Jamie Bird, Optimum Performance Founder

My aim is to break through the status quo, not just accepting, always challenging and moving forward.

With my specific skills, experience & competitive sporting background I am helping athletes succeed. I am a NASM Personal Trainer in Maidstone, some of my qualifications include Corrective Exercise Specialist and MMA Conditioning.

I love to further my knowledge and I’m looking to start my next course shortly. I work using my OP Module of building from the ground up, to make sure there is no stage of development missed.

Meet Some OP Athletes

U.S Open Pebble Beach Golfer

Kent County Cricket Player

Beckenham Rugby Team

Optimum Performance Maidstone Core The Gym

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We deliver our personal training online, in Core The Gym in Maidstone and travel to sports teams in the South East to deliver team training.